After a young teaching student learns why his fiancee committed suicide, he vows to save her younger sister from the same fate.

A shattered young man seeking redemption, a twisted father who confuses love and abuse and a brave teenage girl who risks everything to tell the truth, come together in a gripping story set in suburban Toronto.

In the vein of Oscar-winning film "Precious" and the Julia Roberts thriller "Sleeping With The Enemy", RedSari is the debut independent feature film by award-winning short film director Sugith Varughese, with a cast of rising talent, including Karan Oberoi and Sarena Parmar and co-starring Bollywood and Indian indie cinema star and director Vipin Sharma.  Written by Sugith Varughese and Imthiyaz Hameed.

(The former title of this film was Dany Boy.)


Love Sick - Movie Poster- The worst secret is right next door

Karan Oberoi as Dany

Karan Oberoi as DANY

Sarena Parmar as Nadia

Sarena Parmar as NADIA

Vipin Sharma as Khalid

Vipin Sharma as KHALID

Saad Siddiqui as Riaz

Saad Siddiqui as RIAZ

Kate Todd as Layla

Kate Todd as LAYLA

and introducing Bren Eastcott as Aida

and introducing Bren Eastcott as AIDA